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An ABthology
Author Grant Springford
Saturday, Nov 26, 2011 1:16 pm
An ABthology

It’s official - 2012 will be the year of The Abnormals!

Following the success of The Abnormals special I’ve a number of projects lined up for readers, including a one-off anthology title. The comic will feature the work of some of the most well-known talents on the small-press scene.

A different creative team will spotlight a member of the Abnormals cast, taking us deeper into the weird, wide universe of Subterranea. I’m pleased - not to mention very excited! - to announce the following line up of contributors:

Martin Eden - the ultra-talented creator of the Eagle award nominated Spandex - will write and draw a story about Meena.

Sam Johnson, creator of such titles as Geek Girl and Cabra Cini, is scripting a story focusing on Nasty. It will be illustrated by Sgt Mike Battle’s Graham Pearce.

Art Heroes’ Daniel Clifford (of Sugar Glider fame) and Lee Robinson are producing a story about everyone’s favourite troglodyte Throwback.

The comic will also feature a strip written by writer and director David W Hall, whose short film ‘The Initiation’ was featured at London’s Frightfest. David’s story featuring The Link is his first comic work and T’sao Wei (who drew the amazing pic of the Link seen here) is on art duty.

And I’ll be writing a story about the Bouncer to be drawn by one of my favourite artists - the hugely talented Gavin Mitchell (whose work can be seen in The Pride and Stiffs).

The comic’s already off to a great start. A while back I discussed the project with Gary Simpson - who has contributed to a number of self-published titles - and he’s already produced a story giving us a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of Angie. You’re going to love it!

And if you think this is exciting, just wait ‘til you hear about the other projects I have lined up for the new year!

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