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Some last!
Author Grant Springford
Saturday, Oct 22, 2011 9:56 am
Hey folks,

First off - big apols for the lack of Abs updates. I've been busy with other stuff recently so The Abnormals had to take a back seat. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know they're back behind the steering wheel now!

To prove it I'll be promoting the comic at the London MCM Expo on Saturday 29 October. If you're planning to come along, please pop by and say hello. If you haven't already picked up your copy of The Abs, well, this will be the perfect opportunity!

Reviews for the Abnormals special continue to come in and I've been tipped off that  the comic appears in the next edition of Comic Heroes magazine - out this coming week!

And please keep your Abnormals fan art coming in! I absolutely love seeing my characters interpreted by other artists. I was blown away by this amazing drawing of The Link by the hugely talented Gavin Mitchell. I'd recommend you check out Gavin's blogspot for lots more awesome artwork and the chance to see a drawing he did of my fave X-man for my birthday!


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